The pub! Just had to make sure I had your attention. Look… if you’re looking to hear the best drunken stories, then this isn’t the blog for you. I work at a PR agency and my drunken escapades reach the limits of literally having ONE too many to drive home, and calling a taxi.

However, what is the attraction to supping copious flagons of ale at probably one of Yorkshire’s oldest public hostelry’s. The Old Bridge Inn, in my opinion, is the pinnacle of the ‘traditional’ English pub. The class of the place is what sets it above the rest along with the fact that it is just one of the quirkiest pubs you will ever come across.

Even though this is a bold statement, it is simply true.

Opinions are there to be held by individuals… People will argue that their local pub is all the things I am going to say now; after all, this is just an opinion piece.

Little should still remain of this pub that stood strong through the bar fights, raids and battles of Edward II’s conquering. Yet, it remains strong in the heart of a proud Yorkshire village with a proud Yorkshire landlord, landlady and their daughter and son.

Daub and wattle walls. Something that in my lifetime, I thought would be a rarity to see. Little did I know they are right on my doorstep within this pub. Something that began as a rarity and ended in every day sights.

But, the architectural structure is just the start. The experience of this wonder is what really gives you something you will never forget.

Right in the heart of Ripponden, down an old cobbled road, The Old Bridge Inn sits off the main road, next to the peaceful sound of the flowing River Ryburn. Not to mention, the sun trap is something else!

Instant is the only word I can describe my love for this pub. From walking in to find a friendly face behind the bar, to an offering of a large array of different beverages… the experience is just the cherry on top of the cake.

During my time at this lovely little pub, I was lucky enough to try the most amazing scotch egg from a cold meat buffet that has proved even more popular now than it did when it started in 1963. You HAVE to try it. An offering of homemade soup, or delicious desserts completed my two-course meal which filled me all day!

Grabbing a pint and sitting in front of the proudly hanging flower baskets was my idea of a perfect summers afternoon.

Even though the famous Pork Pie day has celebrated its 25th year… the pub still boasts the sales of the award-winning pork pies. It is still a must for anyone visiting Yorkshire. The home-cooked food, well trained staff that work there, cast iron fireplace and refreshing beer is enough!

In addition to this, you can enjoy the Bridge’s own, locally sourced pie and peas to tuck into whilst sitting back, enjoying a round of the pub paper quiz and socialising with some of the loveliest customers.

Now, there isn’t really much more that I can add to express my love for this pub. The only thing I can say is that you have to come down and see this wonder for yourself!

Not to mention, the pub opens 7 days a week and serves food EVERY day. Also, have you noticed that the first letter of each paragraph makes up the acronym spelling The Old Bridge Inn? You’re welcome!


The Old Bridge Inn
Priest Lane
West Yorkshire